Security Assessment Services


Security Assessment Services

 To better understand specific areas of strength and weakness highlighted in the school security assessments we examined the data by safety domain. These domains include: 

• Perimeter Control: controlling access to a school campus 

• Vehicle Control: limiting vehicle access to and on school grounds 

• Access Control: preventing unauthorized access to school, classrooms, and sensitive areas 

• Visitor Management: screening and tracking visitors 

• Surveillance: monitoring and documenting activity on school grounds and within school buildings

• Communications: communicating within the school building and with local first responders and families 

• Emergency Planning and Prevention: developing and documenting processes and procedures 

• Training: conducting drills and training related to security and/or response procedures 

• Personnel: identification and staffing of security-related positions Overall, schools were well- 

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New assessment for 5 or more buildings

We are promoting our new School Security Assessment in Upstate NY for the Capital District and Adirondacks and Hudson Valley. 

  • 20% discount for schools with 5 or more buildings
  • Waive of initial consultation fee for not for profits and Christian schools

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School Security Assessment

Jun 2018

SSA was appointed to conduct a full security review of a multi-site facility for a high profile international educational establishment with particular regard to:

  • Physical security measures
  • Guard force and access points to the site
  • Crisis management
  • Logistics
  • Adoption of standard operating procedures
  • Risk management
  • Roles and responsibilities of security and facility management

The security review highlighted various points and implementation of various recommendations produced positive effects:

  • Parents security concerns were allayed
  • Access control & perimeter security, particularly out of hours, was considerably improved
  • Additional precautions were adopted for excursions and extra-curricular activities
  • Security awareness was heightened throughout the institution
  • Clear reporting lines during an incident were establishedWe have added four new retired police and five new retired Armed Forces Specialist to our team!